The world’s simplest birth plan…

birthplanfinal_pathI’m in the midst of writing the world’s simplest birth plan. It basically consists of “No intervention at all unless absolutely necessary and unavoidable, drug-free water birth, delayed cord clamping, and no injection for third stage labour.”

Unlike last time when I had the world’s most comprehensive birth plan when I covered every eventuality known to humanity. I kinda think it helped me head down the slippery slope to a c-section last time and I want to avoid that this time unless medically unavoidable (i.e. Button is in danger). I have some bullet points that stress the non-intervention, drug-free birth, and the delayed clamping and cutting, but that’s pretty much it. I’ll fine tune it as we progress…

I’m the kind of person who likes to cover all eventualities so I can be prepared, but I can’t help wondering if my “being prepared” last time made it a lot easier for me to go down a route I really didn’t want to when Tadpole was on the way. Yes, there were problems that eventually led to my emergency c-section, but having that on my birth plan as a possibility perhaps made it easier for everyone (including myself) to say, “Well it’s on the birth plan, so that’s OK – let’s do it!”

I have absolutely no fear at all about giving birth – I’m actually rather looking forward to it. I’ve seen video evidence that birth can (and SHOULD be!) a gentle process that needn’t be full of the pain caused by fear and and the tenseness that causes. I’m re-reading my HypnoBirthing book and looking into getting the accompanying CDs as well as looking at online videos of the various classes (can’t afford to fork out the guts of £300 for official classes – eek! – would if I could though!). I’ll also be re-reading my Dr Grantly Dick-Read book about birthing free of fear.

I’m probably the most relaxed and groovy mother ever when it comes to what I expect and want come the big day (which should be mid-October some time – we’ve been given an EED of 19th October, but I’m choosing to call that my “Guess Date” – LOL!)

It’s been a very exciting day overall – we felt Button kicking from the outside today (yes, Hubby felt it too – hurrah!), and we went for our 20-week scan, although Button proved a little uncooperative and we have to go back in another week or so to complete our checks. I’m not complaining – it’s another opportunity to “visit” with Button!

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