My little history buff

Today was another lovely, sunny day, so Tadpole and I headed out to the garden for a picnic lunch. While we were there, I started watching a documentary about Henry VII on my phone and Tadpole decided he wanted to watch it too. It soon turned colder, so we headed indoors to watch the rest of the documentary together on the computer.

Bear in mind, Tadpole is only four years old!

Now, he’s already shown an interest in the Titanic, and more recently in Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, so it really shouldn’t have surprised me that he would also be interested in the founder of the Tudor dynasty too, but for a small boy to sit quietly and watch an entire hour-long documentary on the subject kind of amazed me.

Not only that, but he seemed to understand most of it and was full of pertinent questions, such as:

  • So, is that Henry VIII’s Daddy?
  • And is that Henry VIII’s Mummy?
  • Why did Henry VIII’s Mummy die? Couldn’t she go to the hospital to have her baby?
  • What made Prince Arthur so sick? Why did he have to die?
  • So, is that Henry VIII’s Daddy dead now?
  • Does that mean Henry VIII is king now, then?

Below is the very interesting documentary. There seems to be a bit of a problem with mathematics, as I’m pretty certain that 2013 minus 1500-ish does not equal 800 years (at one point, proceedings are mentioned to have happened 800 years ago – I may have been mistaken in the context, but it did seem like they just miscalculated, as the difference is actually in the region of 500 years!). Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

And Tadpole has made me promise to get hold of some other similar documentaries, so I anticipate many happy historical afternoons with my little history buff. And I just know he’s going to LOVE the Natural History Museum in Edinburgh this summer!


One thought on “My little history buff

  1. I love the fact that our son appears to be interested in history. Its a subject that I have come to enjoy in my later years. I know that kids do history in school, much as we did when we were little, but I also think its important to teach them things that the schools do not. Plus, some of the world’s history is extremely interesting without being filled with death and doom and gloom =)

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