A half-baked bun in the oven…

01. 28.05.13 - progress overview
Progress on Button’s
crocodile stitch blanket

So here I am at just past the 19-weeks mark, and Button is now officially half-baked!

Things feel like they’re moving a lot faster this time round than they did when I was pregnant with Tadpole five years ago, but perhaps it’s because I know a little better what to expect this time round. Anyway, with time marching every forward, I’ve been getting busy and thinking about things too.

I’ve already completed one crocheted blanket for Button, but it’s a very fine, lightweight one, and as Button is due in October, it’s likely to get cold fairly soon after s/he arrives, so I decided to start work on a warmer blanket too. In order for it to be super cosy, I decided on a crocodile stitch design. And in order to steer away from the usual whites and pastels, I decided on a vibrant aqua shade!

I only have a little done, but it’s already starting to look good and it feels so soft and warm I can hardly wait to let Button snuggle under it!

I’ve also started looking into becoming a milk donor this time round. I wanted to when I was breastfeeding Tadpole, but as the nearest milk bank is in Glasgow and we’re right up north in Aberdeen, I was told it was too far for my milk to be collected. I’m hoping they will have changed their minds about that over the past four or five years! Here’s hoping that if my supply is as abundant as last time, I can help other babies in need. It can’t hurt to try and find out!

If you’d like to find out more about donating breast milk, please click HERE.

ETA: I got an email back that is very positive. Apparently they’re in the process of expanding the service across Scotland and I’ve been asked to get back in touch once Button is born so I can be screened. Happy, happy, happy! 🙂


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