My little witchlet

I’ve never kept it a secret that I’m a Pagan, nor have I ever been secretive about casting the occasional spell in the past (I haven’t in some time, but that’s not to say I never will again!). I know some people are a little wigged out by the word “Witch” but I’ve always rather liked it and I purposely rewrite fairy tales for my son painting the Witch as a good guy or at least badly misunderstood.

Although I’m very open about all this, I’ve never pushed the idea onto Tadpole (he’ll make up his own mind about whatever path he wants to follow when he’s ready – and I’ll be happy with whatever he chooses so long as he’s safe and happy!), however today, on his way home from nursery, he announced he needed to do a spell. When I asked him why, he said he wanted a dog and thought a spell might help.

Now, Tadpole knows that unfortunately, due to my terrible allergies and the fact that I think keeping a dog of any size in a small flat would be rather cruel (as well as very inconsiderate to the neighbours!), we can’t have a dog (or any other furry pet, as I’d just sneeze my head off and be utterly miserable!). Not to be deterred, Tadpole set about collecting “ingredients” all the way home. He does actually have a wand (a Harry potter replica my Mum commissioned from a local woodcraftsman, but he couldn’t find it, so I allowed him to borrow the pewter wand I was given as a gift from a good friend many years ago… and this was the result:


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