Totally tropical green smoothie

green smoothie #8Today I kinda followed the recipe I was sent for my green smoothie, but I was missing one of the ingredients for the “Pineapple Bliss” so I just forged ahead without the addition of the pear. Here’s what went into today’s smoothie:

  • Coconut milk (around 1/2 a can – 200mls)
  • Baby leaf spinach (1 very large handful)
  • Pineapple (I didn’t have any fresh, so I used 2 slices from a can – in juice, not syrup!)
  • Banana (1 small)

The recipe also called for the addition of some water, but I like my smoothies thick, like a thick shake, especially when they’re creamy tasting ones that feature coconut milk! You could also add a touch of honey if you like your smoothies very sweet, but this one is rather pleasant even without that.

It’s funny because you can taste the coconut, banana and pineapple, but apart from the green colour, you’d never know there was spinach in there at all! This is definitely one I’ll have again, most likely on mornings when it’s not so sunny, as the creamy taste is rather comforting and indulgent. I’ll save my more zingy favourite for the sunny days.

On a side note, I’ve noticed an increase of energy since I started this challenge. I know some people have experienced some *ahem* digestive problems with the addition of extra greens to their diet, but I’ve had no trouble at all, possibly because I already ate a lot of fresh fruit and veg, including leafy greens. Either way, I seem to be reaping the benefits without experiencing any of the temporary difficulties (if you ARE having troubles this way, they really will be temporary – it’s just till your body gets used to all those leafy greens – they’re very good for you!).


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