A seriously fruity smoothie for a summer day

Alright, we’re into May now and today we got our first really beautifully summery weather! Tadpole and I were at a party over lunchtime (indoors, which is a shame, because we were missing that glorious weather!), and a wonderful time was had by all, and on the way home, the temperature showing on the car dashboard was 21C – hurrah! So we decided to head into the garden for a direct hit of sunshiny vitamin D (of course, we all wore sunscreen too, because we’re very sensible!), but before we went out, I made my green smoothie for the day. As it was seriously summery, I fancied a seriously fruity and sunshiny kind of smoothie, and here’s what I came up with:

  • Green smoothie #5Small dash of apple juice
  • Large handful of baby spinach leaves
  • Half a mango
  • One large kiwi fruit
  • a small dash of honey (because the mango and kiwi were very zingy!)

This really did pack a fruity and very powerful punch and not only did it quench my thirst, it made me feel incredibly virtuous and happily healthful. The colour was phenomenal too – a very vibrant shade of green – a proper “Hulk Smoothie” today!

Tomorrow I’ll be following one of the recipes from the Love Your Greens 30 Day Challenge so check back to see how that one goes!


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