A more successful green smoothie…

Today is day two of the Love Your Greens 30 Day Challenge and I had a bit more success with my green smoothie today than I did yesterday. Yesterday, if you look back to the previous post, my smoothie tasted pretty decent, but looked a horrid sludgy colour and, well, it wasn’t really smooth enough either. Today, however, I chose my ingredients with a little more care and came up with a smoothie that was not only a lovely shade of pistachio green, but was silky smooth and had a consistency like a thick shake. It tasted pretty phenomenal too.

green smoothie #2
Look what a pretty colour!
It was totally delish too!

Here’s what I used (without exact amounts because I really did just throw in a bit here and there and judged by eye to make sure I filled my glass):

  • Coconut milk (light, unsweetened) – about 1/3rd can
  • Baby leaf spinach – large handful
  • Banana – a small one
  • Greek yoghurt – small pot
  • Honey – just a little dollop

I was also reliably informed that the best way to get my smoothie really smooth is to put the greens in first with the liquid and whiz it till it’s smooth, then add the rest of the ingredients and whiz again till it’s smooth. I did that this morning – the spinach went in with the coconut milk, then the rest of the ingredients after I’d made that all lovely and smooth. Much easier – I’ll do that from now on.

I enjoyed this smoothie so much that I think I may well have the same one tomorrow. At most I might try adding perhaps a little kiwi fruit or something like that. It really is more pleasing to the eye, and therefore far easier to drink, when you get a pretty colour!

Who would have thought spinach would make for such a tasty drink? I might even be able to persuade Tadpole to try this one – I’ll see what he says tomorrow – wish me luck!



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