52 things – week 17

52 things in 52 weeksNot much progress on things this week, but I’m slowly getting there on the long-term progressive points of the challenge. This week finally saw me do a little crafting after a break of a few months (I’ve just been too sick to do anything much till now), and I started working on a crocheted baby blanket for Button (who has started squiggling about in my belly a fair old bit this week!). There’s also been progress on the morning sickness. I came off the pills I was prescribed for hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness), and although I still feel incredibly ropey most of the time, I haven’t actually thrown up in several days, so perhaps I’m coming to the end of that now. One can only hope! I was also a giver for World Book Night on Tuesday for the second year running. It was great being able to share my love of books with people who don’t read very much, or even at all!

1. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (30/52)

Finished: John Wagner – The Dark Judges (Graphic novel) – World Book Night book!
Finished: Jude Ryan – The Afterlife Club (Kindle e-book)
Finished: M Leon Smith – Induction (Blue Jackets #1) (Kindle e-book)
Reading: George RR Martin – A Dance with Dragons Pt 2: After the Feast (A Song of Ice and Fire #5b)

Food and drink:
38. Eat only vegetarian meals one day every week (17/52)
Vegetarian day: Tuesday

45. Save all £2 coins for 52 weeks (17/52)
Total saved: £54.00

46. Save all 1p/2p/5p coins for 52 weeks (17/52)
5p pieces saved: £9.80
All coppers have gone into Tadpole’s piggy bank.

50. Self portrait picture every week (17/52)
The morning sickness seems to be passing a little, so I’m starting to feel a little more like myself again, albeit a self that’s already beginning to expand around the middle! And there are definite feelings of squiggling happening in my belly now – Button is certainly doing everything possible to make his/her presence felt! Anyway, here I am actually wearing some colourful make-up for a change – a sure sign that I’m starting to feel a bit better! I still haven’t braved the smells of hair dye so my roots are now horribly long, but I hope to be able to dye it within the next few weeks and get back to my usual vibrant shade!

17. Week 17 - 27.04.13
51. Post a weekly update of my progress on my blog (17/52)


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