My World Book Night giving experience

WBN logoIn case you didn’t know, World Book Night was on Tuesday 23rd April… and I was lucky enough to be one of the people selected to hand out books for the second year running! This year I was handing out twenty copies of the graphic novel Judge Dreddd: The Dark Judges by John Wagner.

Enjoying The Dark Judges
It’s really good, by the way!

I work in a bookies and the most I ever see any of my customers reading is The Racing Post. We have a very mixed crowd – young, old and every age in between – but almost exclusively men, so I thought I’d choose something that might appeal to “my guys” in the shop – the Judge Dredd graphic novel, The Dark Judges.

The first person I approached was one of our younger regulars who told me he didn’t really read at all, so I told him he was exactly the kind of person I was trying to involve in World Book Night. He didn’t take much talking round, and within a short time I had several other customers asking about it too. Most of the people who took a copy hadn’t read anything since school or college, so it was great seeing them get enthusiastic about a book now. I also gave a few copies to my colleagues, most of whom are also non-readers, and one of whom thought she might be able to interest her two teenaged step-sons with a graphic novel. It didn’t take long for all my copies to get snapped up!

This is my second year of giving books on World Book Night (last year I chose The Damned United by David Peace, and was thrilled when my customers at another branch showed a lot of interest), and I will certainly apply to be a giver again next year. It’s such a great feeling being able to share my love of books with others and see them leaving my shop with a smile on their faces, even if their bets haven’t won!


2 thoughts on “My World Book Night giving experience

    1. I see you were giving The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde – I LOVE that book. I actually read it whilst on holiday visiting friends who live in Swindon, so I got a real kick out of reading it and place spotting. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed WBN. Will you apply to be a giver again next year?

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