52 things – week 14

52 things in 52 weeksTime marches ever on and here we are at week 14! I’ve been on holiday this past week, as Tadpole and I went to visit family in Northumberland. Tadpole loves going on the train (as do I!) and is always well behaved for our journeys south of the border. We had a lovely time visiting everyone and are now trying to settle back into normal day-to-day home life…

1. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (24/52)

Finished: Claire Ridgway – The Anne Boleyn Collection (Kindle e-book)
Finished: Kelley Armstrong – Amityville Horrible (Kindle e-book)
Reading: George RR Martin – A Dance with Dragons Pt 1: Dreams and Dust (A Song of Ice and Fire #5a)

4. Read only books that I already have, have been given as gifts/to review, or have borrowed from the library for 52 weeks (14/52)
No books bought for myself yet. It’s tough, but I’m sticking to it!

Travel away from home:
22. Visit my family in Northumberland twice (1/2)
Tadpole and I took a trip down on the train and spent a few days visiting family this past week.

Food and drink:
38. Eat only vegetarian meals one day every week (14/52)
Vegetarian day: Monday

45. Save all £2 coins for 52 weeks (14/52)
Total £2 coins: £44.00

46. Save all 1p/2p/5p coins for 52 weeks (14/52)
Total 5p pieces: £9.00
All coppers have gone straight into Tadpole’s piggy bank.

50. Self portrait picture every week (14/52)
Just a quick snap with no jiggery pokery this week as I was so busy I didn’t have time to do anything else! I was so pushed for time, I even still have wet hair from the shower here!

14. Week 14 - 06.04.13
Week 14

51. Post a weekly update of my progress on my blog (14/52)
Week 14 completed!


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