Smart Price – smart choice?

asda smartprice challengeIn today’s economic climate, most people are having to tighten their belts a little and find ways to pinch a few pennies. It means not so many boozy nights out or trips to the cinema, not buying those new shoes or that cute little outfit you fancy, and using comparison sites to get better deals on your insurance and household bills. It also means finding a way to reduce the ever growing price of our groceries.

We can’t go without food, and the prices are creeping up every week on everyday essentials such as bread, milk, and basics such as pasta. One of the ways to combat this price hike is to substitute our usual choices with basic range versions. Of course, there’s always the worry that they won’t taste as good or have anywhere near the quality we’re used to, but I thought I’d like to test the theory. I’ve already made the switch on some products and plan to switch a few more and try out the basic ranges a bit more.

I do my shopping in Asda, so the range in question will be Smart Price.

Asda Smart Price has quite an extensive range of products, and as I already mentioned, I’ve already switched to some of them successfully, but I thought I’d give a little review to the products and let others know what I think of them – whether they’re worth swapping to, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, or just as a one-off when you’re really strapped for cash come grocery shopping day.

I hope you’ll join me in trying some of these products (wherever you shop – it doesn’t matter whose basics range you try!) and let me know what you think of them too. Perhaps we can all help each other save a little money till the economic climate gets a bit better!

Join me in the Smart Price – Smart Choice Challenge!


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