The yoyo afghan is completed!

I’ve been working on it for a little while now, but the yoyo afghan, the first of my charity projects, is now completed. It consists of 300 little circles in different colours (laid out in fifteen rows of twenty), connected with white and with a border of white and variegated yarn.

This afghan, or lapghan, actually, as it’s a smaller size, will be donated to CLAN, a local cancer support charity that helps those with cancer and also their families. I hope the colour will bring a smile to some faces.

06. Completed 4

02.03.13 - Modelling the yoyo afghan 1
Tadpole modelling the finished yoyo afghan
I think he likes it!


5 thoughts on “The yoyo afghan is completed!

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    Your blog’s looking good! Afghan looks great!

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