Tadpole and the cat

Tadpole loves animals. So do I, but there’s a problem in that I’m am highly allergic to many of them and number one on the list is cats – five minutes in a room with a cat and I can hardly breathe, my nose is bunged and my eyes are streaming. Basically I’m allergic to anything with fur or feathers, animal dander and saliva (if one licks me I come out in hives!), washing powder, and powders in general, pollen, and pine sap. The animal allergies effectively rule out pets that aren’t of the aquatic, amphibious or reptilian kind. It’s a shame because I would dearly love a dog – a HUGE dog like a Great Dane or something!

Anyway, back to the point, Tadpole would dearly love a furry pet of his own, but cannot have one, therefore he’s delighted that a local cat appears to have adopted him! Almost every school morning, the cat (which he calls Puss-Cat) waits for him and runs right up to him the moment he’s in sight. He then pets it a while and it follows us almost all the way to school. Then at home time, it waits for him again.

He gets very disappointed on days the cat isn’t there, and on the rare occasion that Tadpole has been ill and can’t go to school, but I have been going to my Primary 1 class, the cat mews quite pitifully as I pass on my own. I guess they love each other very much!


4 thoughts on “Tadpole and the cat

    1. Because it might actually kill me to have one in the house. My sister has a cat and seriously, 5 minutes in her house and I cannot breathe. I have a severe allergy to cats. To be honest though, even if I weren’t allergic to them, I wouldn’t have one. I like them as animals, but not as pets – I hate how they jump up on kitchen counters – after they’ve stood n their litter boxes etc. It’s just such a cringeworthy disgusting thought to me I couldn’t stand to keep one anyway. Na, if we could have a furry animal, it would be a dog, but I’m allergic to them too…

      1. LOl I didn’t know you were allergic. ๐Ÿ™‚ I understand about the counter thing, but you can train them. I have a jar with coins in it I shake at Kitterpuss…he doesn’t get on the counters or the table anymore. Can you get him a little mouse or guinea pig?

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