Tadpole in the kitchen

Traffic light pizzasTadpole made “traffic light pizza” at nursery school last week, and he claimed to eat it all, so I asked the teachers exactly how they were made so I could replicate it at home.

  1. Slice toaster muffins in half
  2. Top with tomato puree
  3. Sprinkle grated cheese on top
  4. Pop chopped peppers on top
  5. Stick in the oven
  6. Serve

Simple as can be.

I let Tadpole spread the puree, sprinkle the cheese, cut up the peppers with scissors, and put the peppers on top. We had a great time, despite Tadpole being full of cold and sneezing on one of the pizzas at the last minute (he got that one!). In the end, he wasn’t feeling up to eating much, but he did give them a try at least. I also tasted one and it was rather tasty.

We’ll definitely make them again – it’s fun getting creative in the kitchen together!


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