Forty years of jumping to the left…

rocky horror2013 marks the fortieth anniversary of one of my favourite musicals – The Rocky Horror Show.

My sister and I go every chance we get.

I first went, as a Rocky Virgin, at the Edinburgh Playhouse, my first year of college. Of course, I’d seen the movie countless times before,  but I’d never been to the live show and it’s a whole different kettle of fish. Fortunately, I was with several old hands and they prepped me on most of the shout-outs in the weeks leading up to it. We all got dressed up and had a whale of a time (despite me bumping into a guy who was wearing the same little black dress as I was – it’s bad enough when it happens with another woman, but this guy’s legs were phenomenal!). Unfortunately, due to a snafu with train times, we had to miss the floor show at the end. We still missed our train and had to get a taxi back to Kirkcaldy, which cost a fortune and made us wish we’d just stayed till the end if we were going to have to fork out that fare anyway!

Since then, I’ve been every time but one – that time the tickets were sold out before I could get hold of one for myself. I actually cried!

Last time, my lovely sister made us matching T-shirts with “Rocky Horror” emblazoned on the back with the year underneath, and our initials on the front. Ill be handing back my T-shirt to have 2013 added to it, like a tour shirt!

That’s right, folks – we’re going again! This September, we’ll be right there in the front row at HMT on the last night, dolled up like true Rocky Horror fans.

Last time we went to the last matinee (the last night was sold out) and were the only people dressed up. We were also the only ones dong the shout outs. It was a shame, but it got us noticed. Frank (played by David Bedella) winked at us and complemented me on my hair. We also got winks and thumbs up from several other cast members. It made our night!

This time, as we’ll be there on the last night, I expect we’ll not be alone in dressing up, and there’ll be other die-hard fans who know all the call outs (and probably a few new ones to boot!), and it’ll be a great time for all. I can hardly wait!

RH girls
My sister and I
The Rocky Horror Girls!


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