foot diagramFor a few months now, my feet (and in particular, my heels) have become increasingly painful. It’s particularly bad first thing in the morning – so sore that I am reduced to hobbling along like an old woman, clutching at furniture and walls to propel myself along. Tadpole is very sweet and holds my hand to give me his “easy-peasies” – he is unshakeable in his belief that he can magically pass his ability to walk with ease along to me, and take some of the pain away – bless!

This morning the pain was so bad I finally decided it was time to see the doctor about it. I had long suspected that it was plantar fasciitis, and the doctor confirmed this. Obviously my doctor ants to avoid giving me steroid injections if it is at all possible, as it can cause other problems further along the line. Essentially, I need to wear supportive footwear (like my running shoes), and do exercises to help stretch out my feet – both of which I’m already doing. I can also use heat and cold to help ease the pain. In addition to that, Ibuprofen is advised as an anti-inflamitory, but as we’re trying to conceive, it’s unadvisable for me to use it, so paracetamol is about the best I can do, and I should only take it when absolutely necessary.

Finally, rest is considered a sensible treatment. Unfortunately, I do not drive, so I either walk or take the bus everywhere, and I prefer to walk all but the very longest distances, as a) it’s my main form of exercise, and b) I actually rather enjoy it! As it is, I haven’t been walking nearly as much as usual because of the pain, so I’ve already cut down significantly on that score.

Basically, I have to wait it out while it sorts itself. Apparently it can take several months, which is annoying as I’ve already been suffering for a while now (although that’s partly my own fault for not going to the doctor for advice sooner!

It seems my running will have to be put off for a while longer… Damn!



3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. My husband had this and found he had been wearing the wrong size shoe! As feet do tend to keep growing, do have your feet measured and see if this could be part of the problem.

    Hope the road to recovery is quicker than slow.

  2. We are getting old Kell! Seems like when we are young we almost never have issues…now that I am past my mid 30s it seems like every time I turn around it is something new for me. I hope this resolves itself sooner rather than later!

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