Yoyo afghan update

Another quick update on my yoyo afghan project. This is the afghan that will be donated to a local cancer respite hospice. Last year my Dad had prostate cancer and, although it is now gone, he’s still technically in recovery and has to go for regular check-ups. CLAN has done a lot to help both him and my Step-Mum during this trying time and I really wanted to do something to show how much they are appreciated. My way of saying thank you is to inject a little colour into the lives of the people who use the hospice, as they say colours can help boost people when they’re feeling low (colour therapy is often used to help people, not just cancer sufferers, but with many different ailments). If my afghan, which will be a rainbow riot of colour, can help in some small way, and bring a smile to a few faces, then I will be one very happy bunny!

It’s really starting to grow now and I just love all the different shades here, connected with white. I’ll be adding a large border when I’ve made the body of the afghan big enough, but these photos give an idea of how it might look when it’s finished!

00. progress pic 2


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