Yoyo afghan update

A few days ago I showed a picture of a small pile of crocheted yoyos I had made towards creating an afghan filled with colour. Well, I’ve now started connecting those little yoyos together with white yarn and it’s coming together surprisingly quickly. The other night I connected two rows of twenty yoyos each while watching a movie – the connecting method is so simple I was easily able to do that while watching the film. The next afternoon, I connected another two rows!

I have decided that this will be the first of my charity projects for the year as I intend to donate this to CLAN, which is a local cancer respite centre that does an awful lot of work with and for those suffering from cancer, and their families too. Last year my Dad had cancer and he and my step-mum still use some of their services as part of his recovery. This is my way of giving a little something back to say thank you for helping my family during a stressful time. I figure a riot of colour can help raise anyone’s spirits, and when it comes to cancer, keeping your chin up and not succumbing to numbing depression is half the battle.

So, I’ll keep you all updated on my colourful project and will look forward to handing it over when it’s finished.

00. progress pic 1


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