A bunch of yoyos…

yoyosI’ve started a new crochet project. I will take this small pile of yoyos I have already made, along with several hundred more, and make THIS gorgeous blanket.

As with the one shown in the pattern, I will make yoyos of any colour (including variegated yarns) but white, grey or black, and will join them all with white. It will be a spectacular riot of colour and will cost next to nothing to make because I’m using all those tiny little scraps of yarn that are left over from all my scarf and blanket projects last year.

Of course, it means this will be an ongoing long-term project, because I do not intend to buy any yarn for this other than the white I use to connect the yoyos together, so expect intermittent updates as it slowly comes together. It may take all year. It may take even longer. Who knows when it will get finished?

I guess this is one of those times when I will just have to say, “It will get done when it gets done!”

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