Getting ready for a fresh new start

flyladyIt’s the end of the year – out with the old and in with the new!

A few years ago I came across a wonderful website called which inspired me to get on top of the housework by doing a tiny bit every day rather than having to face loads of it when it all piled up (which, as any fellow procrastinator can tell you, is always incredibly daunting and you run the risk of going at it half-heartedly and leaving much of it undone after all!). I stuck at it for about 6 months, but once Tadpole started running around, I fell out of the habit and chased after him instead.

Now, however, Tadpole is getting bigger and is at nursery school in the mornings, and after the summer he’ll be at school all day, so I thought 2013 would be an excellent year to get back to it.

So I dragged out my old Control Journal, dusted it off, and it just about fell apart. I needed a new one. I gathered my supplies together and now I have a brand-spanking-new Control Journal and I am ready to face the new year.

I’m kind of changing things about a little to suit my own personal needs, but that’s the beauty of FlyLady – you can jump in at any point, build up your controls bit by bit, and tweak things so that they fit your circumstances.

If you fancy getting your place shiny clean and keeping it that way with minimal effort, I highly recommend FlyLady!

Here’s to a shiny new year for one and all!


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