Stitching for a cause

Sandy Hook Squares

A few weeks ago, we were all shocked and saddened to hear news of the tragic killing of twenty children (aged just six or seven years old) and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was a senseless act of violence against innocents, and I’m sure parents around the world hugged their little ones just a little tighter, thankful that their own children were safe, and mourning the loss of those who died as well as feeling terrible sympathy for the families of those lost.

Some stitching friends flagged up a Facebook group that was coming together to stitch quilts for each of the families, the first responders, and the school, as well as for the little girl who luckily walked away after playing dead. That poor little girl lost all her friends in one fell swoop and the survivors’ guilt must be horrible.

I joined the group immediately and offered to design a square as well as stitching a couple for the little girl who got away.

While I was stitching the second square, Tadpole asked who it was for, so I explained to him about that poor little girl, and he was very sad about it. He wanted to help stitch the square (he sat on my knee and pulled the needle through for me), saying, “We can send her this so she knows that we’re her friends, Mummy!”

I put his name on that square.

Even though she will never meet us or know who we are, I like to think of her seeing the names and knowing that people all around the world are thinking of her and wishing her well.

I’m so thankful for my own sweet, thoughtful little boy.

I’ll be stitching the design I created for the group once more for a wall hanging that will be sent to the school in memory of those tragically lost at Sandy Hook Elementary.

If any other stitchers or quilters out there would like to be involved, you can find the group by clicking this link:

Xstitch for those impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting


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