Donuts – but not for eating!

Hair Donuts

I very recently discovered a new (to me) way of doing my hair. I’ve seen those little foam donut rings in accessory shops for ages, but never knew what they were for – it wasn’t till a very short while ago I heard about something called a “sock bun” and then put two and two together.

In case you don’t know about the whole sock bun thing, what you do is, you take a sock and cut off the toe, then you roll it back up on itself to make a donut shape. Next you put your hair up into a ponytail, slide the donut to the end of your hair, wrap the ends of your hair round it, and then roll the donut back down the length of your ponytail, tucking your hair around it as you go. You don’t even need kirby grips to keep it in place – it will stay there all by itself. Awesome! It’s a bit tricky the first few times you try it, but with a little bit of practice, you swiftly get the hang of it, and voila – you will always have nice, full buns!

I didn’t quite fancy the idea of wearing socks in my hair, no matter how clean they were, and as my hair is generally red and all my socks are black, there’s always the chance that my hair could part a little and it would be very obvious I have some padding in there in the form of former footwear – très embarrassing!

So, I decided I could do better than a rolled up sock! I decided to make my own donuts by clever use of crochet – aha! The closest yarn I had to my hair colour was some left over aran from my autumnal blanket and hooded scarf projects. It’s variegated, so it has a few different colours through it, but over all, it’s reddish and brownish colours, so I figured it would do for my trial run.

I made one large donut, and two small ones, so I have the choice of a large bun on the back or top of my head, or I can do one on either side, Princess Leia style. Crochet a few of these and you have your hair sorted for your big Hogmanay Bash!

Princess Leia buns
using the small donuts

Hair donuts
Small (large)

Ch = chain
Dc = double crochet
St = stitch
Rpt = repeat

Ch 20 (30)

Dc in 3rd st from hook, and in every stitch to the end of the row giving a total of 18 (28) dc. Ch2 and turn.

R3 – 14 (16):
Rpt R2. On last row, omit ch2, fasten off and weave in ends.

Roll crocheted piece from ch end to make a sausage shape. Whip stitch together. Then bend into a ring and whip stitch the two ends together to form your donut.


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