… And a lovely day was had by all!

Well! What a whirlwind of activity that was!

After sprinkling reindeer dust in the garden on Xmas Eve, Tadpole was so excited that he actually made himself sick (and then panicked that Santa wouldn’t come because of that!), but he eventually calmed down and fell asleep in time for Santa to creep in and leave gifts for everyone.

We had expected an early morning wake up call in the form of Tadpole jumping on us so he could open his gifts, but when I woke at 7.15am, Tadpole was still sleeping, and we had to wait another fifteen minutes for the thumping from the flat upstairs to wake him. When he woke, he very quietly started on the presents in his stocking, trying not to wake us up, till we called him through so we could watch him open them. It’s amazing how a few little stocking fillers can light up a small child’s face!

Then it was through to the lounge, where more gifts awaited ,including a toy kitchen, a desk and a bike. Tadpole hardly knew where to look! Eventually, though, he opened each of this packages, asking each time who they were from and saying aloud, “Thank you, Grom!” or “Thank you, Auntie Lynn!” or “Thank you, Mummy and Daddy!”

There was a short time to play, then it was time for breakfast, then getting dressed, because we were heading to my sister’s place, where my mam and Step-Dad are staying for a few days over the holidays.

We walked in and there were just as many gifts waiting there as there had been at home! Tadpole was a little overwhelmed and eventually asked for help opening them all, but once again, thanked everyone for his gifts and played with some of his new toys. His smile just about split his face in two when he opened the chess set!

Then it was time for lunch – bruschetta or prawn cocktail for starters, then a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, which nobody could finish! We girls put our feet up for a spell while the menfolk took care of the dishes (only fair after we had done all the cooking!), and eventually made room for a little smidgeon of dessert – my sister’s famous lemon cheesecake, which she makes from scratch to her own recipe (which, after much pleading, she finally shared with me as an extra Xmas gift – honestly, I’ve been begging for YEARS!).

More play time for Tadpole, and rest time for the grown ups before it was time to head home.

It was a wonderful day filled with love and laughter.

I hope you all had a lovely time too.

Xmas Day 2012

And in case anyone is wondering, I got loads of lovely stuff too. I got a lucet which I’m dying to try out, some lovely recipe books, and a stack of novels I can hardly wait to get started!


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