Being artistic…

Hand prints and leaf prints in autumnal shades
Hand prints and leaf prints in autumnal shades

It seems Tadpole has been rather artistic in nursery school!

At home, despite encouragement and prompting from both Hubby and me, Tadpole refuses to do more than scribble with crayons or daub with paint, making a picture of nothing in particular, and doesn’t tend to go for the collage approach or getting his hands covered in paint. At nursery, however, he’s been creating left, right and centre!

At the end of the school term, all the kids came out with their artwork for their parents. We were treated to a lovely autumn leaves picture, where Tadpole had used hand prints as some of the leaves, and printed with real leaves for others. I love the autumn shades he chose. We also received a our first hand-made calender with a super-sarkly collage of the sun because, as it says at the bottom, “I like Summer because it’s hot.”

A sun-shiny calender
A sun-shiny calender

We’ve also been getting into the holiday mood by decorating gingerbread men.

Tadpole’s concentration while he squeezed just enough icing into the dents for the buttons so he could stick the Smarties on was brilliant! He added more Smarties for eyes, a nice big red smile, and then “doodled” to make patterns for the clothes before adding just a few sprinkles for added colour. As you can see, he was very proud of his efforts, even agreeing to pose with his gingerbread masterpiece for a photograph before enjoying his efforts as a treat.

17.12.12 - Tad's gingerbread masterpiece 1
Tadpole proudly showing off and enjoying his gingerbread masterpiece

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