Seasonal surprises!

21.12.12 - Mince pie 1Tadpole is a bit of a fussy eater. He used to eat anything we gave him, then suddenly refused pretty much everything we put on his plate. It was a disappointment, because we’d tried so hard to give him a varied and healthy diet, and now he eats the same few things over and over again.

Very recently, however, he’s been a little more adventurous. It started when he got all excited at the idea of trying prawns while we were visiting my Mam and Step-Dad. Today he gave me a very seasonal surprise when he asked if he could try one of the mini sweet mince pies I had. I fully expected him to take a small nibble, spit it out, and declare it inedible, but he did not! He took a massive bite and before he’d even chewed it twice, closed his eyes in appreciation whilst enthusiastically saying, “Mmmmmmm!”

He polished it off and asked for a second one!

It’s a good job they’re only small ones (two polite grown-up bites or one uncouth mouthful). I think he might even have one or two more during the festivities! I’m so pleased, because to me, sweet mince pies just taste of Xmas!

Tadpole also asked to taste my home-made rhubarb and ginger jam this afternoon and pronounced it delicious. I believe he may even ask for it on toast for his supper tonight.

What I want to know is, who is this adventurous boy, and what has he done with my fussy son? 😉


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