Tadpole’s Xmas party!

19.12.12 - Tad's Xmas Party 1Yesterday was Tadpole’s nursery Xmas party. They had lots of yummy food to eat, they played games and sang songs, and even had a bouncy castle in the gym! A lot of fun was had all round, but still I was a little worried…

You see, I knew there would be a special guest at the party – Santa Claus was coming to their class, and so far Tadpole has been a little reticent regarding the dude in red and white!

Each time we’ve passed someone dressed as Santa, we’ve had to give him a wide berth as Tadpole pulls us as far in the opposite direction as he can. No amount of encouragement or reassurances from us has made any difference at all – Tad was terrified!

Fortunately, his name was one of the last ones called, so he watched all his friends go up and get a gift from Santa with no fuss at all, and when his turn came, there were (thankfully!) no histrionics, although you can see from the photograph his smile was a little strained. Still, he really tried hard and behaved beautifully.

Tadpole had a great time at his party and is very excited at the prospect of sprinkling his bag of reindeer dust (oats with sparkly stars in) in the garden on Xmas Eve so that Rudolph and his buddies will stop in our garden for a bite to eat while Santa brings the presents to put under the tree with the one he already has!


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