What a fun panto! (Oh, yes it was!)

riding-hood_f4b179Yesterday, Tadpole and I went to Aberdeen Arts Centre to see their panto, Little Red Riding Hood. Last year was our first panto and it was Sinbad. It wasn’t bad and it was about a third of the price for tickets than we would have paid to see the “big” panto at His Majesty’s Theatre (which over the last however many years has become “The Elaine C Smith Show” as she stars in it every year, so not only does the price put me off, but she does too, because I cannot stand her!), so we decided that we’d return this year for Little Red Riding Hood.

We weren’t disappointed! Oh, no we weren’t!

Little Red Riding Hood blew last year’s show out the water! The cast were all brilliant and I only wish I’d managed to get hold of a programme so I could name-check them all properly! Red was sweet, and Jack (the apprentice woodcutter) was thigh-slappingly good. Will the Wolf was wickedly good at being bad, but the star of the show was undoubtedly the dame, Kitty Cupcake, who had the most amazing voice, and was hilarious.

There were the usual antics – the booing, the cheering, the “Oh, yes it is / Oh, no it isn’t!” calling, and the singing and dancing in the aisles. The one song that got everyone stamping and cheering was when the cast burst into song and dance, “Grandma Style” with re-written lyrics to a very popular tune with a certain instantly recognisable dance. We were all splitting our sides at that point!

Even better was the meet and greet afterwards – as we all trailed down the stairs and into the foyer, the cast were there to say hello and pose for photographs with the audience members (I took the opportunity to praise both Kitty Cupcake and Will the Wolf – they really were brilliant!), but it was all a bit too much for Tadpole to see them up close and “really real” so we had to make a sharp exit to keep the tears from spilling over.

If anyone in Aberdeen is still looking for tickets to a panto this Christmas, bypass the “big” one at HMT and give the Castlegate Arts Productions panto a try. It’s running till Christmas Eve and will entertain kids and the young at heart alike!

And if you don’t manage to see this one, put it in your diary for next year so you don’t forget!

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