Our little star!

Yesterday was Xan’s first ever nativity show. All the children in his nursery class got together with both Primary 1 classes to put on a show for the parents, called Come To the Manger.

Our Tadpole is full of the cold and, being the shy and retiring type when it comes to being in public, was adamant he wanted to stay home and not be in the show at all, but in the end, we managed to persuade him to join in. He was dressed nicely in trousers and a lovely shirt, but he was so cold he kept his sweatshirt on over the top (I don’t blame him, it was a little chilly in the hall!).

All the Mums and Dads were there and we were lucky enough to be right in the front row. Fortunately, we’d thought ahead and actually asked Tadpole if it was alright if we came to watch the show and take some photos of him (thankfully, he agreed!). We were all asked, however, to refrain from shooting any video or taking photographs of the actual performance, and instead wait till the end of the production to take photos of our own children.

It’s a shame, because I know my family who weren’t able to be there (due to distance and only being allowed two tickets per child) would have loved to have seen even a little of Tad’s first nativity play.

Tadpole was a little trooper, and despite coughing and having a nose so red he should really have payed Rudolph, he sang along with some of the songs and tapped his feet in time to the music the whole way through (the kid just can’t help himself – he’s got rhythm!). He even attempted smiling for some photos at the end.

Tadpole's nativity play


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