If you’re still looking for a special hand-made gift for someone…

Love Jar… here’s a nifty idea guaranteed to put a tear in someone’s eye when they open it. It’s incredibly simple and virtually cost free to make, but I’m willing to bet that this is the one gift that special someone will remember fondly for many years, not just for Christmas!

I’ve made this for my Mam. I know full well she’s going to get all misty-eyed, but I’ve made it anyway and I think she’s going to love it.

It’s a Love Jar.

Basically, it’s a little jar filled with tissue paper hearts and tiny scrolls tied with metallic silver thread. Each little scroll details something about my mam for which I’m thankful; a little reason I love her; a note to tell her how special she is. All those tiny scrolls and tissue paper hearts are in a jar for which I’ve made a special label, telling her what it’s all about, so that whenever she feels low, she can dip into it and take out a little message of love to remind her how wonderful she is and how much she’s loved.

I almost didn’t make scrolls – I almost went with folded paper hearts (which I think would also be lovely!).

As you can see, it’s a simple gift, and I think any parent, grandparent, special aunt or uncle, sibling, or best friend would love to have one of these. So get going – fill a jar with love and give it to someone who means the world to you!


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