The Santa Run…

Christmas Santa sledge with gifts on a white backgroundTomorrow morning, Tadpole and I will be heading off to Newcastle on the train to do the “Santa run” –  we’ll be transporting all the gifts from the Aberdeen contingent to the Northumberland leg of the family, so tonight I shall be stuffing our suitcase full of festive presents and cramming our clothing for the next few days into my backpack.

I just hope everything fits!

The most important thing is that the gifts for the kids get there before the Big Day – Mam and Pappy are coming up for Christmas and will be able to take extra gifts back with them after the fact if need be, but me being me, I’d like everything to be there for Christmas, simply because I hate to think of anyone having to wait for their gifts.

Anyway, we’ll be gone until next Monday, so chances are there’ll be no new posts till then (apart from those I’ve already set up to post automatically). Take care and I’ll get back to posting as normal on our return!


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