But it’s not even December yet!

If you look to the right, you’ll see a pile of wrapped gifts. These are Xmas gifts for my family that I have already bought or made, and have wrapped up.

“But it’s not even December yet!” I hear you cry.

You are correct.

It is the last day of November.

I still have half a dozen small items to get hold of (which I will get this weekend), and about another couple of dozen or so on top of those still to wrap, but these represent an entire afternoon of wrapping frenzy and a goodly dent in the job.

You see, I have to get everything ready by next Wednesday. That will be 5th December. This is because I have train tickets for Tadpole and me to go to Newcastle the next day, in order to do the “Santa Run” – in other words, we have to transport the gifts to their destinations well ahead of time.  I know, we could just post them but believe it or not, it costs less to get on the train and take them there ourselves! And of course, it means Tadpole and I get to spend some time visiting family before the festivities start.

So, the next few days will be a bit stressful as I check and double-check that a) I have all the gifts I require, b) I have wrapped all the gifts ready for transporting, and c) I have packed all the gifts that need to come with us. Otherwise some people will have to wait till after Xmas for their presents!

As I’m still trying to recuperate from various illnesses, this isn’t going to be an easy week, so wish me luck!


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