This November pretty much sucks…

This has to have been the worst November I can remember. I’ve never had anything against any month in particular, but I’ll say it here and now, November 2012 – you suck!

And here’s why:

  1. The “winter vomiting” novovirus.
    Tadpole and I both got it – me first, then my poor little lad. It was horrible and took several weeks to feel like we were finally getting back to our normal level of health. Technically we got it in October, but we were still both feeling the after effects this month.*
  2. Uncle Cas died.
    Very suddenly and completely unexpectedly. Pancreatic cancer really is the silent killer – he didn’t even know he had it.
  3. The ‘flu’ and a sinus and throat infection.
    Just when we’re getting over reeling in shock over the loss of Uncle Cas, Tadpole and I both get the flu. And on top of that, I have a sinus and throat infection.

So there you go. This past week’s posts have all been written in advance and scheduled for automatic posting because I’ve felt too horrible to actually come to the computer and sit for any longer than about 20 seconds (in fact, I actually wrote this post last night). My bones ache, my throat is swollen, I blow my nose so often and so hard that I’ve been getting nosebleeds, my cough is so harsh that each time I cough it feels like my head is being stabbed or something in my brain is exploding (honestly, I think I’m busting blood vessels in there!), I can barely breathe, and I’ve barely slept all week  because as soon as I start dozing off I wake myself with this racking cough. And poor Tadpole has it too. Our temperatures have been all over the place, so I’ve been taking paracetamol and dosing Tad with Calpol (both of which I hate doing). I’ve been sipping homemade hot lemon and honey drinks with a drop of Jack Daniels in to try and take the edge off, but it hasn’t helped much.

Today I had planned to tell you about the small local Christmas Fair that I had planned to take Tadpole to this morning, but it seems very unlikely we’ll even get out of the house. I really hope we’re feeling a little better tomorrow so we can go see the Christmas lights get switched on in town, but I have a feeling we’ll be missing that too.

So here’s what I’ve personally gone through this week:

  • 2 boxes and two large multi-packs of tissues (must buy some more today)
  • 8 large lemons
  • 1 squeezy bottle of honey with lemon
  • Several shots of Jack Daniels
  • 1 large bottle of cough syrup
  • several packets of paracetamol
  • three packets of throat soothers
  • 1 pack of Airwaves menthol gum
  • Countless cups of hot tea
  • Infinite glasses of water
  • Most of the book Game of Thrones by George R R Martin (which will most likely be finished shortly after I finish writing this post) – that’s over 800 pages!

Now I’m off to snuggle under my autumn shades blanket, grab my hot water bottle, prop myself upright with a gazillion pillows and finish my book – or at least continue till my eyes won’t stay open any more because that’s the only way I’ll actually get any sleep at all. Let’s hope the coughing abates for a few hours at least!

So I say, “That’s enough, November! Crack on and make way for December, please!” Let’s hope next month will be happier and healthier all round!

* To give you an idea of how bad it is, I read the other day that an entire oil rig had to be evacuated when three people caught it, and several hospital wards have had to be shut down.


2 thoughts on “This November pretty much sucks…

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I don’t like November. It is the month when it became painfully clear that my mom would not survive her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. During the beginning weeks of this month, her health really began to slip and she became a walking skeleton. I lost my mom on November 16, 2008. One week after her funeral we were “celebrating” our first Thanksgiving without her. The only good thing about November is that the day before my mom died, my son became a black belt in TaeKwonDo. She waited for him because she believed in her grandson. I’m sorry you lost your uncle to pancreatic cancer. Take care.

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