A stitched home

It’s that time of year when the weather is turning colder and we all feel like staying home and snuggling under a warm blanket on the sofa. If you have a hobby you can do while you snuggle, all the better. Personally, I like reading, crocheting and cross stitching (the latter two are usually done while we watch a movie together).

If you like cross stitching too, you could always occupy your dark, cozy evenings by stitching this little Assisi-style sampler. Or if you use a higher count of fabric, you could make this into a coaster. It’s charted for a single colour, and you can choose any you like, but I rather like this lovely deep blue – a friend pointed out it makes it look a bit like the designs on Delft pottery.

If you’d like to stitch this little design, you can download the chart FREE from my Kincavel Krosses blog HERE.

And if you’d like a slightly larger one to go with it, there will be another design out next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


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