Flashes and bangs

Last night we took Tadpole to his first proper firework display. He’d seen fireworks on television and he’d seen a few at a display which was inexplicably held during the daytime (which meant they were completely wasted, if you ask my opinion!), but he’d never seen a big, proper, Guy Fawkes Night display.

There were quite a few professional displays being held locally this weekend, so really, we had several choices, but we decided to go to the one at Westfield Park in Bridge of Don, which promised to be a Festival of Fire. There was also the added bonus of them having one of the Olympic torches, which I was eager to see, as I missed them when they came through Aberdeen due to working that night (I was kicking myself for not thinking ahead and requesting the night off!).

Unfortunately for me, we didn’t see the torch, but we were treated to a wonderful array of pyrotechnics and Tadpole was pretty much blown away by the dazzling flashes and loud bangs. So were we. It was gorgeous. It was freezing cold, but it was gorgeous.

Afterwards, we took our very sleepy boy, long past his usual bedtime, back home again. It was an exciting evening, but little boys can only take so much and Tadpole fell asleep in the car. It’s the only time he still retains some of his babyishness.

We’ll definitely go again next year (assuming they hold another display then!) and enjoy watching the sky shatter into rainbow colours.


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