Visitors from other sites…

I’m always interested to see where visitors to my little blog come from and how they find my little home on the web. It seems I have readers all around the world, which is lovely, and they come here from a variety of places via links all over the internet. Today I’ve had visitors from the UK, USA, Singapore, France, Vietnam, Sweden, Republic of Korea, Germany, and Australia – how cool is that?!

One place that continually crops up on my referrers list is a forum called The Coven, but as I cannot see the referral posts without logging in, and registration is currently disabled, I cannot visit the forum in return or say thank you to them for reading my posts.

So, if you are a visitor from The Coven, please do say “Hello!” – I’d love to come along and check out your forum, or at least find out a little more about your little home on the web. I’m a member of many different kinds of forums, from books, to crafts, to Pagan websites, and I’m sure I’d find yours interesting too. Till then, my visitors from your forum will remain a mystery to me…

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