Drama and music

I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had time to write a little update on my first week of helping out with the Primary 1 classes. I’ve already posted about Monday’s activities and getting settled back into school after the October holidays, but I was also there with them on Wednesday and this morning too.

On Wednesday morning, we had my favourite class – drama! I always loved this subject at school, so much that I went on to study it at college and then became a founder member of a theatre company that toured schools with productions (it was great fun!), and it was lovely to see what the first year primary school classes were doing. We all climbed onto our magic carpets and zoomed away on an adventure. First we went to London to visit the Queen. We curtseyed and bowed to Her Majesty before saluting her soldiers and marching on parade. Next we zoomed off to the zoo and became all the different animals we saw – giraffes, tigers, elephants and monkeys! Back on our carpets, we flew off to a land were dinosaurs roamed. They were a bit frightening, so we very quickly flew home again to avoid being eaten, and handed our magic carpets back to the teacher.

Next I worked with two little girls from Poland who are just starting to learn English. It was hard work, but once we got started, it was lovely to feel like I was really helping these kids, and the look on their little faces when they mastered something and finally understood what it was they were saying was just awesome! I only speak a few words of Polish, which I’ve picked up from colleagues, so it was a big learning experience for us all. I hope to pick up a bit more of the language as I work with these girls.

I was a playground monitor that morning, so I got to see all the kids playing and having fun. I got a lot of invitations to play and collect pretty autumn leaves, which was lovely. As I left the classroom at the end of my session, several of the kids ran up to give me a hug, which was just adorable.

This morning we had another of my favourite classes – music. I joined in with the boys and girls as we warmed up by singing If You’re Happy and You Know It and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. There was a lot of giggling as some of us forgot where we were in the song and said words that were supposed to be silent! Then we sang a song the children had learned before the holidays, one about a combine harvester – it was a lot of fun doing all the actions. Finally, we all learned a new song about a skeleton’s party, full of cats in top hats, ghouls playing the fool, and ghosts eating toast.

Back in the classroom we had a visit from the headmaster who was very impressed with the work the Primary one classes have done in their jotters (bear in mind, these are children who he only been in school for eight or nine weeks – they’ve come so far already!). Then we had a story about a magic key and everyone was asked to think about a made-up story to write after break time.

Today was Fruity Friday, so everyone who had a healthy snack was awarded house points, and they all trooped outside to play.

When they came back in, we were all ready to draw our pictures and write our own stories about a magic key. I joined in and drew a picture of Tadpole and me high in the sky as we flew off to a magic castle for an adventure.

Then it was time for me to go and pick up Tadpole from nursery school and on the way home we had a lovely time telling each other all about what we’d been doing this morning.

I’m very much looking forward to next week.


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