Woolly Hat Day 2012

Friday 26th October is Woolly Hat Day!

“What’s Woolly Hat Day?” I hear you ask?

It’s a charity drive run by St. Mungo’s. This year they have a target of over 5000 woolly hats to give to homeless people to help keep them warm during the colder months. Life on the streets is hard at any time of the year, but in the winter, with temperatures dropping, a warm item of clothing can mean the difference between life and death, and St. Mungo’s uses this not only to help in a very practical way, but also to raise awareness.

There’s still time to make and donate a woolly hat. All you need to do is make it (and make sure it’s BRIGHT ORANGE!) and send it in. You can knit or crochet or use any other means at your disposal to make a warm woolly hat for charity. Use up all your orange scraps – make it stripy if you want – just make one, and make a BIG difference!

You can find all the details at the website HERE.

Cozy orange beanie hat
Fun orange double-bobble hat
Funky orange and white striped beret




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