Rainy days are fun days!

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Anyone with kids (or anyone who is still a big kid themselves) knows that rainy days are the ultimate in fun days. It’s the puddles. You just can’t beat splashing in puddles. Whether you’re two or ninety-two, when faced with a puddle, you just want to splash in it, wellies or not.

We tend to wear wellies if there’s even the slightest chance of rain – it makes puddle jumping that much more fun because it doesn’t automatically end with soaked socks.

Tadpole is a total puddle duck, and now that he has his own umbrella, it has to go with us if it looks like it might even spit for a moment or two – he just loves the chance to show it off to everybody while he splashes around. I have to admit, I love jumping in puddles too, and with Tadpole in tow, I have the perfect excuse. Of course, I step in all the puddles even when he’s not with me, but that’s because I’m the biggest kid of all!

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