Tadpole Goes to Town

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Every now and then, Tadpole and I walk into town and pretty much spend the whole day there doing one thing or another. A typical day out for us will probably involve a trip to the library, or the art gallery, or cinema, or a museum, lunch, a little exploration, and most likely a little shopping as we don’t tend to head into town unless we have a very specific reason for going there. Especially on the weekend, because it’s way too crowded. I don’t exactly love crowded places. Town is always busy, but on the weekends it is hectic.

Anyway, last Saturday was one of those bright, crisp autumn days when you just want to get out and about. We got all wrapped up and walked into town together to pick up a few things and hit the library, as it had been several weeks since we’d last been, In that time, they’d installed a snazzy new system where you can check out your own books without going to the desk, an it prints out a little ticket listing the books you’ve chosen and when they need to be returned. I was seriously impressed! We picked out three books, one of which was a Charlie and Lola story about recycling. Tadpole is incredibly green-minded and loves to help sort our recycling at home. He’s been involved in that job since he learned to stand up!

Tadpole is quite the little Goth boy (he can’t really help it with me as hid mother!) and loves hanging out in graveyards. He always wants to know the names on the stones and flits from one to the next asking, “What does this one say?” On this occasion, St Nicholas Kirk, which is one of the churches right in the centre of the city, was open and Tad wanted to go in and take a look around. We’ve been in several times before, but, like me, he likes to look at things like stained glass windows and stone carvings. I guess we just find those things interesting and pretty.

We also took in the local farmers’ market. It only happens on the last Saturday of the month, which is a real shame – I wish it was every week, but despite it being small (it takes up just one small side street – Belmont Street), you can find all kinds of lovely things there, from organic fruit and vegetables and free range eggs, to bread, cakes and pastries, fresh fish and locally reared and butchered meat, wines, and hand-crafted jewellery. There’s always something to see and taste.

With all the lovely food on display, we soon grew hungry, so we headed into one of the shopping centres to have lunch. We love Italian food, so we popped into Ask at Union Square (our newest shopping mall) and had ourselves some delicious pasta. I love the fat, round water glasses they have in there – they sit so nicely in your hand.

Then, with our own stomachs filled, we turned our thoughts to the birds who get hungry during in the colder months, and bought in some supplies to make bird feeder balls. I figured it would be a nice project to work on together and Tadpole could enjoy watching the birds in our garden. Who knows, we might attract something other than the usual magpies, pigeons and monstrous herring gulls.


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