The latest addition to Kincavel Korner

For several days in a row,  I spotted a small toy dog in a tree on the way to Tadpole’s nursery school. As it became increasingly obvious that his original owner wasn’t going to claim him, we took pity on the poor bedraggled little dog, who had been out in the most horrible weather, and took him home with us. Tadpole immediately named him Thomas and very gently placed him in the washing machine for a much needed clean up.

Once Thomas was dry, Tadpole decided his little dog needed a collar an leash so that he could be walked. So I obliged. I gave Tad the pick of my yarns and he chose a cheery red. Ten minutes later, Thomas was sporting a brand new collar and leash of his very own. He was so pleased that he started leaping up to thank Tadpole for taking him home. As you can see, both Tadpole and Thomas are very pleased to be together!


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