I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

… or in this case, tricycle, as Tadpole still has the three-wheeler mode of transport.

It’s actually taken him a long time to get to grips with riding his trike, and I put it down mostly to the design fault of having the pedals attached to the front wheel. Honestly, it’s so much more difficult to pedal properly when you have to stretch your legs out in front of you and then push with all your might just to get it started. It would be much simpler if trikes were all designed the same way as traditional bikes, with the pedals in a central position below the body and not attached to the centre of a wheel!

Anyway, Tadpole chose to spend some of his money on a new cycle helmet and wanted to try it out. I had some letters to post and the post box is just around the corner, so we combined the two – Tadpole took the mail in the back of his trike and I walked alongside him. Of course, when he hit the downward slope, it all got very exciting as he sped along!

I used to have a mountain bike, but it got used so infrequently that when we were a bit strapped for cash, I sold it. I kind of regret selling it, but it’s a bit late now, and the price of bikes means that a new one is beyond my meagre means for now. I’m sure I’ll get another one second-hand at some point in the future. Probably around the time Tadpole starts riding a two-wheeler without stabilizers. I’ll look forward to those bike rides together!


One thought on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

  1. I agree…it seems they always have a time trying to get the wheels to start turning! Anyway, Babyhead started riding his 2 wheeler last year when our neighbors kids’ taught him how cool it was to not use training wheels. He learned in literally 15 minutes and has been on 2 wheels since. When we moved we were glad there was a park at the end of the road and he loved to ride his bike down there. Sometimes The Big Red Dog and I ride our bikes with him to his school. Now that he is in 2nd grade he is allowed to ride his bike to school, but WE aren’t ready for him to do that. Hold on to yourself though…from now on he will be peddling his way away from you and into independence…while that is what you want, it still feels sad when you see them growing up. 😦

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