Crafters’ stress

I little while ago I came across a hilarious little blog post on why quilters smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. It made me hoot with laughter, and although I don’t smoke, I can totally relate to what that blogger is saying, because I think it relates to ALL crafters, at least a little.

I get like this over crochet and cross stitch.

Every time a friend or family member gets pregnant. They need a crocheted baby blanket and a birth sampler.

If they get married, they need a crocheted wedding blanket and a wedding sampler.

If it’s a major anniversary, they need… a crocheted blanket and a sampler to commemorate the date. They also need handmade cards for each occasion.

And it’s getting a bit colder, so everyone needs a scarf. And a hat. And some gloves.   Oh, slippers! Everyone needs some cosy slippers to keep their tootsies warm. Maybe I can get to grips with socks too. Everyone could do with some nice warm socks to wear in bed. And maybe they need an extra blanket. Perhaps I could pretty up some pillow cases and a duvet set with cross stitch and a crochet border while I’m at it – they should all be able to snuggle in style, after all!

It’s never ending!

And in between comes all the stress of real life – getting Tadpole up in the morning, getting him breakfast, getting him dressed, getting him to nursery school on time. Coming home, doing some housework in the small window of time I have without Tad trailing around behind me. Going to collect Tadpole, getting him home. Making the lunches, getting Tadpole to actually eat his lunch, greeting hubby as he comes through the door, actually managing to have a bite to eat myself. Cleaning up afterwards. Keeping Tadpole entertained for the afternoon, cleaning up afterwards, because it invariably makes a mess of some kind. Making dinner – actually making three different dinners, because nobody likes or wants the same thing – getting myself ready for work, getting to work, actually working, getting home again.

And what do I do to relax and calm myself when I get home at 10.30pm? That’s right, I drag out one of my craft projects and get to work on something for someone.

I now realise how infrequently I actually make something for myself. To date, I’ve kept only a very small handful of stitched projects (one framed cross stitch picture and two birth samplers for Tadpole), and similarly, Tad has a matching crocheted afghan and cushion, and I have my autumnal shades blanket, but everything else has been for someone else. It’s only now that I’m really starting to craft for ME every now and then (that scarf set WILL be completed and I will wear it with pride!).

Now I have to go and get on with some real-life stuff. When I’m done with that and Tadpole is all tucked up in bed, I shall de-stress with a little bit of crochet…


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