It’s my birthday!

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As of 7.27am today, I am 36 years old.

Happy birthday to me!

As most of my family live some distance away, I usually get sent some money to buy a birthday treat for myself. Inevitably, life gets in the way, and although I usually manage to purchase a couple of books for myself, the money gets frittered away on essentials rather than treats. This year, however, I have set myself a mission – every penny of my birthday money will be spent on something I really, really want for myself. Something I wouldn’t go out of my way to get for myself if I didn’t suddenly have a little cash to spend solely on me (I have a habit of spending any extras I have on Tadpole!).

Here’s what I’ve spent some of it on:

  • A watch
  • Hair curling tongs
  • Boots
  • Wellies
  • A mood ring

I did see an uber-awesome watch that I really, really loved – it had a black face with silver numbers and hands, and a black strap, all of which was decorated with tiny white skull and crossbones – it was SO me! Unfortunately, it was meant for someone closer to Tadpole’s size and came just shy of me being able to fasten it on the very last buckle notch. I suppose I could have got a different strap, but that would have spoiled half the look of it. So I looked again and found a lovely watch with a blue face, silver numbers and hands, and a silver metal stretch strap. It’s simple and rather lovely.

After undoing my braids and shaking out my hair, hubby mentioned he really liked how I looked with curls, so I decided to get hold of some curling tongs and do it properly. I shall have to experiment a bit with them till I find a look I like, as it’s years since I had tongs. My hair is very soft and fine, and it doesn’t hold a curl well at all. When we got married, my hair was pretty much sprayed solid in order to keep the curls in for the day. I’m hoping to avoid solid spring curls. We shall see how things go!

Finally, I have been in desperate need of some new boots for ages, but I can never find any that I like when I go shopping. Finally I went online and searched all over the place. I finally chanced upon a pair of black leather lace-up-and-buckle ankle bootsΒ  with a slight platform. They’re a little bit Goth and incredibly clunky-looking. They’re exactly right for me! Now I’m just waiting for them to be delivered. I really hope they fit nicely and are comfy! I might even be able to get away with wearing them for work.

I’ve been after a pair of wellington boots for ages, and this week I finally found some that I love. I think you’ll agree they’re so very me! I just love the lacy effect and the fact that they only come up to just past my ankles, rather than being full-length wellies. The neon pink laces just add to their appeal.

Something I haven’t had since I was a kid and really just fancied for a bit of fun was a mood ring. We spotted some when we were at Satrosphere on Monday with Tadpole and I couldn’t resist getting one for myself. They were only a couple of quid each, so it was an inexpensive but fun addition to my birthday buying session.

I was also given a beautiful silver necklace with a silver and amber pendant. I’ve always adored amber – there’s just something about that lovely warm glow of colour and the earthy tones that makes me smile. Another lovely little gift that is very apt is a recipe box from my sister. It includes a whisk and spatula (which will come in very handy when I’m having one of my kitchen creation sessions) and a stack of wonderful recipe cards that I can hardly wait to start trying out.

I’m seriously considering spending the last of my birthday money on a scooter. Yes, you read that correctly – a scooter! Tadpole has been zooming around on his and it would certainly help me keep up. I think I’d also like to use it to get to work. It just looks like such fun and I’m pretty certain it’s a great way to burn a few extra calories. I think I’ve found the one I’d like to order, but if I do it will take one to two months to arrive… so we’ll see!

Hubby is still at work, but I can’t wait to see what I get when he gets home! πŸ™‚

Some famous people who share my birthday
I’m in with some good company – artists, activists and visionaries:

  • 1774 – Johnny Appleseed, American environmentalist
  • 1888 – T. S. Eliot, American-born British writer and poet, Nobel laureate
  • 1889 – Martin Heidegger, German philosopher
  • 1897 – Pope Paul VI
  • 1898 – George Gershwin, American composer
  • 1922 – Nicholas Romanov, Prince of Russia, French-born pretender to the Russian throne
  • 1936 – Winnie Mandela, South African anti-apartheid activist
  • 1944 – Anne Robinson, English television host
  • 1945 – Bryan Ferry, English singer (Roxy Music)
  • 1946 – Andrea Dworkin, American feminist
  • 1948 – Olivia Newton-John, English-born Australian singer and actress
  • 1949 – Minette Walters, English novelist
  • 1956 – Linda Hamilton, American actress
  • 1961 – Will Self, English author
  • 1962 – Mark Haddon, English author
  • 1963 – Lysette Anthony, English actress
  • 1968 – James Caviezel, American actor
  • 1970 – Sheri Moon Zombie, American actress (wife of Rob Zombie)
  • 1976 – Sami Vanska, Finnish bassist (Nightwish) (same year as me!)

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