Back to the drawing board

Oh, woe is me! My beautiful Dragon Lady scarf set will no longer be made. I was almost finished one side of the scarf when I suddenly realised I’d made an error which had made it noticeably narrower. It was a mistake that couldn’t be left. I traced it back to the twelfth row of “scales” and pulled it all out to that point.

Then, on completing another few rows, realised it still wasn’t right – there was also an earlier mistake.

It was on the fourth row of scales.

I was so disheartened by having to frog it all over again and to such an early point, that I pulled out the whole lot and vowed to start again. However, this time it won’t be crocodile stitch. It looks lovely, and I enjoyed doing it, but I feel that project is doomed now and I shall use a different pattern after all.

So, back to the drawing board and back to the beginning. I will still have my hooded scarf, head band and fingerless mitts – they’ll just be different.


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