Art attack!

Tadpole doesn’t often sit down for five minutes straight, so although he loves visiting art galleries, he rarely chooses to create his own works of art. Sometimes, however, he just suddenly announces, “I want to make some art today!” so we haul out the paints and let him have fun. He only ever uses a few sheets of paper before announcing that he’s finished with it all, but while he’s at it, he concentrates so hard and puts on his “creating face” (he gets the same look when he’s playing with modelling clay or dough too). Ever resourceful, we cut open a large plastic bag to use as a paint-proof and water-proof mat.

He’s never shown any interest in painting actual objects or people (although he did do one painting at nursery of the waves at the beach), so his art work is still mostly splodges and squiggles, but I eagerly await the day he proudly presents me with a picture and tells me, “It’s YOU, Mummy!”


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