Crafting for charity

Things are tight for most people in today’s uncertain economic climate, and not many of us have money to spare to give to charitable causes. And we all lead such busy lives, balancing our work and home life with everything in between, we don’t have much time to spare for charitable works either. I often wish I could do something, anything, to help just a little bit every now and then, so I was very pleased when I found that my crafting could be turned to charitable use.

I heard about a cross stitched quilt group that has members from all over the world who all cross stitch patches for quilts that are given to terminally and chronically ill patients, young, old and every age in between, to add a little comfort and a splash of colour to their lives, and although I don’t really have the time to devote to posting on message boards, I found myself drawn to the idea of designing a square that all the members could stitch for a quilt.

I wanted to create a pattern that was elegant yet simple, so it wouldn’t take too long to stitch but could look beautiful in any colour or combination of colours. I eventually came up with a square with a scrolling design charted for a single shade. The idea was that members could stitch the whole design in one solid-coloured or variegated floss, or could choose to do different sections in different hues as they fancied. I even stitched two squares myself – one in a variegated blue floss, the other in another variegated floss in shades of gold and brown.

I recently popped back into the group and was delighted to discover that the quilt has been completed – I think it looks beautiful! I’m amazed at how different each square looks, even though they’re all the same design.

If you’re a cross stitcher and would like to get involved in cross stitching for charity, please do consider joining WOCS (World Of Charity Stitching) and tell them Kell sent you.


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