Girls’ night out

I don’t get out all that often. If I’m out of an evening, it’s usually because I’m working (and before you make a smutty comment, I’m a bookie!), but every now and then, one just needs to get out of the house, and if there’s a special occasion as a reason, then all the better for it!

My home-done manicure

My sister’s birthday was actually back in May, but I knew she’d really like to go and see Chicago at HMT, so I bought the tickets as her gift, even though we’d have to wait till September to see it. We’ve been to see Chicago together before, both the film and the stage show, and it’s one of our favourites (it ranks right up there with The Rocky Horror Show and Return to the Forbidden Planet), so when I heard it was coming to town again, I knew I had to snap us up some tickets.

Anyway, it’s a once in a blue moon excuse to get a bit dressed up and part of getting dressed up is doing my nails! I’m no expert, so I like to keep it simple. This time I went with a French manicure in blue with white tips, and used some nail transfers of tiny stars before finishing things off with a clear top coat. There, don’t my nails look pretty?

So, nails done, hair and face fixed, and all dressed up, off we went to dinner at The Light of Bengal (their chicken biryani is gorgeous, by the way), before heading to the Noose and Monkey for a swift drink (I think the last time I drank Midori was some time in the 90s – it hasn’t changed), which we knocked back very quickly because of some random guy cracking onto us.

For some unknown reason, I always manage to look slightly surprised in any photo my sister takes of us (that’s me on the right with the red hair)

After that we headed to the theatre and took our seats. By the time I bought tickets (which wasn’t all that long after they went on sale to be honest) there were few seats from which to choose, so in order to get the best view, we ended up on the balcony – right up in the Gods. The view is great, but it’s a large theatre filled with many people and heat rises. We were melting within seconds and had to use our programmes to fan ourselves throughout the performance.

We were a little disappointed to note that the “big star” Bernie Nolan wasn’t playing the role of Matron “Mama” Morton, but her understudy, Genevieve Nicole, was excellent, so that disappointment quickly disappeared. We’ve seen better Velma Kellys and Mary Sunshines, but they were still pretty good. Stefan booth had a hard act to follow as Billy Flynn, because last time we saw Chicago, the role was played by the superb Gary Wilmott – still, this guy was brilliant too. Ali Bastian was pretty good as Roxy Hart, and Jamie Baughan was fairly decent as her hubby, Amos. As always, it was a great show. It always amazes me how different a show can be when it’s essentially the same show every time – just the presentation and a slightly different take on a performance can change it entirely.

And best of all, we had a great night out. It may have been a very late birthday gift, but it was definitely worth the wait!


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