A slight change of plans!

I mentioned a little while ago that I’d chosen yarn for my own hooded scarf and it was carnival colours. Well, I was just about to start work on said scarf, when Tadpole caught sight of it and decided that was the yarn HE wanted for HIS scarf. And a hat. And some fingerless gloves.

All this after I’ve asked him and asked him if he’d like to choose some yarn for his winter warmers and he was right there with me when I bought this yarn for myself!

So, I am back to hunting for yarn for my own items (I think I might make fingerless gloves for me, too!), but I’ve made a start on Tadpole’s set. So, the scarf with pockets is now finished – just got to get to work on the fingerless mitts and hat now!

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I’ve used a variation on the ladder scarf pattern I posted last week, worked on the horizontal. And isn’t that yarn just gorgeous? It’s the same stuff I’m using for my autumnal shades blanket (obviously in a different colour set though!) and it’s so soft and lovely to work with. I’m enjoying working on this project and look forward to sending everything off to Santa ready for Xmas!


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