A trip to the library

Tadpole and I both love books, so a trip to the library is always a big deal for us. We like to go every few weeks to return the books we’ve borrowed and take home new ones to read. We’re very lucky here in Aberdeen, because there are lots of small local libraries as well as a large central one, and all have a great range of books for all ages, as well as toys for the little ones to play with while you browse.

To be honest, I rarely visit the adult section of the library any more, partly because I have so many unread books of my own to read, but largely because I enjoy reading young adult fiction a great deal and can always find something interesting to excite my mind. Most recently I discovered the Edgar and Ellen series by Charles Ogden – a wonderfully dark little collection of tales about a twin brother and sister who are wickedly funny. Think of them as Wednesday Addams’ biggest fans and you’ll get an idea of what they’re like!

Tadpole enjoys all kinds of different stories, from traditional fairytales to classics and modern classics, as well as modern stories based on children’s television shows. I’m so pleased he likes The Moomins by Tove Jansson – they were always favourites of mine when I was small (and I’ll freely admit that I still love them now!).

So, yesterday saw us return home with a fresh haul of reading material which will keep us happy for the next few weeks, before we wander into town once more to scan the stacks.


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