Let’s go fly a kite…!

Today was one of those beautifully sunny, blustery days that just screams, “Fly a kite!”

So we did.

Tadpole has had a kite with Lightning McQueen on it for some time now, but somehow we’ve never flown it before today – I can’t think why. It actually occurred to me while we flew it, that I haven’t flown a kite properly before. I’d tried a failed a few times when I was a child, but never actually got one off the ground. Mostly I was content to run around with a plastic bag on a piece of string, much like Tadpole did today. It was fun, if a little more energetic than I was expecting, as it involved a fair bit of running about the park till the wind took the kite. After that, I managed to keep it in the sky quite a while, and almost let the string out to its full length, till I realised I was letting it fly very close to some trees and was in danger of it becoming entangled in the branches, so I reeled it in a little.

We’ll have to do it again some sunny, windy day!


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